Programmes are tailored to your child to get real results

Your child will enjoy their therapy experience, and will soon start to develop the skills needed to communicate better at home, pre-school and school.


Just Talking uses the most up-to-date methods to identify your child’s needs in order to develop a targeted intervention programme.

Your child’s assessment is typically booked for one hour, however, this is dependant on the initial needs of your child.

Assessment sessions are relaxed and fun and targeted to your child’s current abilities. Don’t worry if you have concerns regarding your child’s ability to focus or interact with new people as all of this is managed well within the clinic setting.

Moira is happy to discuss the specifics of what assessment would involve for your child, prior to an appointment, just get in touch.

A treatment plan is then formed with you and your child (and their pre/school if necessary) to begin the process of improving their speech, language, literacy and/or social skills.

Team assessment

When a more holistic assessment is required, team assessments can be completed, involving developmental paediatrician, occupational therapist, and physiotherapist, as required.

A team assessment is often recommended for more complex issues and allows professionals to work together with a family to assess and plan intervention in a number of areas.


Therapy is designed to be fun and rewarding and to reach you and your child’s goals.

Some examples of goals:

  • Begin to talk…. and talk more!
  • Play and socialise with friends and form better friendships
  • Speak more clearly
  • Listen, in order to follow instructions and learn in school
  • Reduce the hoarseness of their voice
  • Improve talking after bouts of poor hearing (due to ear infections etc.)

We review the therapy plan at key stages to establish progress and revise goals. Some children require only a short block of therapy (6-10 weeks). Others may require ongoing therapy depending on what you and your child want to acheive.

Parents are actively involved in therapy programmes and Moira is happy to work with pre-schools and schools when appropriate.

Talk to us

We are happy to discuss your childs needs and which assessment would be best. Get in touch with us today to book a session or for a quick chat about your child.