Speech and language therapy for children

One of the most experienced providers in central Auckland, Moira works primarily with preschool and primary school aged children. She has significant experience in working with Early Speech and Language development, Auditory Processing, Dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorder and a range of other developmental concerns.

A little about us

Moira Nelson established Just Talking in 2003. Over the last 15 years Just Talking has provided private speech and language therapy services for children in central Auckland. Moira is one of the most skilled and innovative therapists in Auckland, with over 20 years of clinical experience.

Working primarily with paediatric clients, Moira’s extensive clinical experience extends beyond her private practice including previous clinical case-loads at Starship Hospital and Community Health. Moira has been involved in clinical education for a number of years, training speech therapists at The University of Auckland on a contract basis, and continues to provide supervision to therapists working in special schools and independent practices.

After receiving her Masters, with first class honours in 2019, investigating child language acquisition, Moira is continuing to work with a research team, as she completes her PhD, looking at how exposure to muliple languages impacts a child’s language development.

Moira is relied upon for her experience and professionalism by parents, paediatricians and teachers. As a parent herself, Moira understands the need to provide the best service for your children.

What happens next?

If you have been referred or just noticed some issues with your child, get in touch to make an appointment and we can talk you through what may be involved for your child.

Depending on their age and needs, assessments usually take around 1-1.5 hours. They may involve discussion with you, direct assessment and observation within play.

Following a comprehensive assessment an individualised plan is made for each child, including discussion regarding frequency of sessions.

Sessions typically run for 45mins, after which Moira provides recommendations and resources, where appropriate, for home practice by caregivers to maximise therapy gains.

Located at the friendly Parenting Place in Greenlane, Auckland, your child will enjoy their therapy experience, whilst developing the skills needed to communicate at home, pre-school and school.

Get in touch

If you have a feeling something is going on with your child’s speech or if you already have a diagnosis and have been referred, Moira is available to discuss any concerns regarding your child before you commit to any therapy. A referral from your doctor is not necessary, just get in touch to make an appointment or to enquire further.